Brampton 0, Eaton Socon 1

19th August 2014 :: Cambs FA County League Kershaw Premier

Eaton Socon visited Brampton knowing that only three points would do. But with years of close games and not much reward they knew it would be a tough game. So it turned out with what was a very tight first half. Brampton were strong in the air and not allowing Eaton Socon to play football. At half time Eaton Socon made two changes which worked instantly. Eaton Socon took an early lead through Andy Clare. The game remained tight with both teams having chances. Eaton Socon will be pleased to get there season off and running, and look to taken this result in to Saturday.


Ben Argyle (S), Michael Banbury (S), Jan Beliansky, Darren Blackall, Adam Boothby, Andy Clare, Ben Cole (S), Mark Davies, Simon Kitchiner (S), Shane Molony, Ricky Sherman (S), James Storey, David Watts, Adam Westbury, Dean Western, Daniel Woodhead


Andy Clare,

Substituted OFF

Dean Western (46), Darren Blackall (55), Andy Clare (71),

Substituted ON

Ben Cole (46), Simon Kitchiner (55), Ricky Sherman (71),