Eaton Socon res. 3, Red Lodge FC 2

20th September 2014 :: Creake Charity Shield

It was a tough game for Eaton against a good up and coming team that hadn't lost in a long time. Going a goal down in the 1st minute made it only harder, but the team rallied and came back with a well worked goal from Glenn Westbury. Eaton continued to attack well and saw plenty of the ball, which was rewarded with a mirror copy of the 1st goal, starting from a long throw this time being finished by Luke Fox. Eaton went into half time 2-1 looking strong. But red lodge came out fast and passed the ball well tiring the Eaton Socon boys out, and equalised through a sneaky freekick. Manager Richard Argyle was shown to have made a smart move by having a keeper on the bench, as the 1st choice keeper had to come off. Marc Bird went on too make some fantastic saves. Eaton looked tired but somehow managed to let loose one more fast attack, which skipper Tom Hall finished nicely to send Eaton Socon through to the 2nd round 3 2.

Man of the match: Josh Davis