Gamlingay United Res 3, Eaton Socon A 1

13th September 2014 :: Cambs FA County League MPG 3A

Eaton were missing a few key players for this tie, meaning we traveled with a depleated squad. Eaton held there own and went close a few times in the first half but the score remained goalless. The 2nd half began much the same but Eaton found themselves 1-0 due to a defensive mistake. A defensive mistake 5 minutes later and it was 2-0. Eaton pulled a goal back from the penalty spot thanks to a well taken penalty from Lea Wood. Unfortunately another defensive mistake occured and it was 3-1. Eaton battled right to the death with Toby Mcavoy bringing a great save from the keeper.

Man of the match: Asa Johnson.