Milton Res 0, Eaton Socon res. 1

24th January 2015 :: Cambs FA County League MPG 1B

Eaton socon went to Milton to try and get the three points they felt they should have got against them at home a few months ago. On a cold day and on a pitch they knew would churn up Eaton had dig deep. After weeks of playing well but not getting the result they wanted this week it was their turn not to play so well but come away with a win. They were solid at the back, but guilty of giving the ball away to often. Sam Williams was given the task of free kicks, after impressing at training. It paid off as he hit the perfect free kick to put Eaton a goal up. They went in at half time and were told what was needed to come away with the win. Second half was better, with Eaton creating far more chances and keeping the ball more. They held on to the 1-0 win, with a great result and clean sheet.

Man of the match: Perri Ransley