Eaton Socon res. 2, Manea United 2

7th February 2015 :: Cambs FA County League MPG 1B

Eaton Socon went into the game hoping to continue their unbeaten run. Having worked hard in training on their passing game. The pitch was in good condition considering the weather, but they knew it wouldn't hold up. The game started well and Eaton kept ball well. But again they fell behind after one mistake, resulting in a very poor goal. They rallied and scored through Damian, with a clever free-kick. At half time the score was 1-1. Eaton came out in full attack mode, creating chance after chance, hitting the bar and post. Once again they had a shout for a penalty that looked clear denied and waved away. Eaton again then switched off and were punished, with the management tearing their hair out. They did however rally again and score a very good quick free kick. Eaton had a chance to win in the dying seconds, but again unable to bury the ball. The final score was 2-2.

Man of the match: Toby McVoy