Eaton Socon 1, Cottenham United 2

22nd August 2015 :: Cambs FA County League Kershaw Premier

Eaton suffered their third defeat in four games as they were once more guilty of not killing off a side when on top. Eaton were forced into making six changes from the team that were beaten by Gamlingay on the previous Tuesday. The first half was a dour affair with neither side really getting on top and Cottenham probably had the two best chances when they hit the bar and post respectively. However Eaton had a great chance but Spavins header from 5 yards was straight at the keeper. Every game to date Eaton have struggled with set pieces and once again this was to be their undoing when on 50 minutes a corner from the Eaton left saw a Cottenham player steal in unchallenged and he scored past Wale. Eaton then needed to show some metal and the introduction of Richard Kay's did just that, and within 5 minutes of his introduction Kay's picked the ball up on the edge of the area and slammed the ball past the keeper. A betting man would probably have put his house on Eaton going on to win the game but chance after chance to produce a worthwhile match winning opportunity was wasted and once again Eaton were caught out at the back and Cottenham broke through and Wellings lifted the ball over Wale to win the game.

Two games in a week where Eaton should have got something, but they go again on Tuesday with no less that 7 players that could come back into the squad. That game is at home to Cambs League Champions Great Shelford, 6.15pm kick off