Eaton Socon A 3, Girton United Res 2

13th February 2016 :: Cambs FA County League MPG 3A

Eaton Socon began this game very slowly in awful playing conditions at their home ground in Priory Park. With the wind and rain hurling around Eaton Socon took a while to adapt to the cold conditions, before finding their feet and playing some nice football. That nice football led to the first goal of the game, which went to Eaton Socon, when a lovely ball over the top from James Taylor gave Asa Johnson the chance to leap high and bravely challenge a header with the Girton goalkeeper which Asa Johnson nodded home. Eaton Socon carried on applying the pressure, having numerous chances that they couldn't convert. The second finally arrived when great work form Toby McEvoy and James Taylor saw the ball squared across the goal and at the back post came Jake Dexter to tap in.

The second half started with Girton players coming out to engage in a headed goal to show that Eaton Socon had a game on their hands. A game they did have as a long crossed ball found left midfielder who played a brilliant square ball which is a defenders nightmare, unfortunately the case, as Joe Keech clipped the ball past his own goalkeeper Elliott Canham. Eaton Socon now hand a battle on their hands, which they stepped up to answer. They gave their all, true grit and determination and will power in the last half hour and finally got what they deserved when a long ball over the top was won by Fabio Gomes, who controlled the ball, turned inside the defender, and unselfishly let Glen Grimes take the ball on to slot home Eaton's third.

Manager Simon O'Connor said he was "pleased with the result but Eaton Socon had made it hard work and in light of the weather conditions and pitch condition nothing was to be taken away from Girton's effort but my lads battled to earn the win".