Linton Granta A 1, Eaton Socon A 2

9th April 2016 :: Cambs FA County League MPG 3A

Eaton Socon went into this tough away game knowing nothing but a win would be good enough to keep them alive and kicking in the 3a league.

They made a very slow start and were punished on the 15 minute mark when the Linton Granta player was aloud to much time on the edge of the Eaton Socon area to have a strike at goal which took a huge deflection which the Eaton Socon keeper Elliott Canham could not stop. Heavy heads and a bad start.

Eaton Socon grew into the game and started playing some good football creating chances with Asa Chamberlain and Damian Chamberlain making runs causing the Linton back line problems. Some quality balls into the danger area from Toby McEvoy and Simon Beever giving Asa Johnson the chance to hit the target but also the keeper, Eaton Socon failed to create anything clear cut in this a very poor first half performance and trailed by one goal at the break.

The second half begun after constructive words at half time from both Management and players and Eaton Socon came out searching for a goal to get themselves back into the game. The A team just couldn't create anything substantial to even the score, even with good attempts by Asa Johnson and Sam Drew going close.

With twelve minutes remaining Eaton Socon got their reward for the pure heart and grit and determination they'd given when a ball wasn't cleared in the Granta box and a great headed flick to the far side of the box from Sam drew was volleyed home by Jake Dexter.... goal The A team!!

Eaton Socon now sensed they could win this game and went out all guns blazing to try and get what they felt they deserved, a through ball from Joe Cerveno looked like the perfect chance to get the winner when Damian Chamberlain found himself through on goal with only the Linton goalkeeper to beat, he very unselfishly squared the ball at head height for Fabio Gomes to head towards the back of the net. This was disallowed by the referee who deemed the ball hadn't crossed the line and it was play on. This doubtful call seemed to make the Eaton Socon A team more determined to find a winner.

With good football and constant pressing it came, with four minutes of time left to play. Asa Johnson ran with the ball, passing the goalkeeper to the left of the goal, almost to the touch line and from a tight angle shot toward goal. A defender tried to reach and clear the ball from the goal line but to no avail this time the referee blew his whistle to indicate a GOAL!

Eaton Socon now ahead to the delight of the Management and the players which sparked great celebrations in the corner of the pitch. With four minutes of injury time added by the referee, Linton Granta threw every last bit at the A team back four but Eaton Socon held on to claim a well deserved victory.

Full time. A very tense last 12 minutes from Eaton Socon showing brilliant stuff from the A team.