Great Paxton Res 1, Eaton Socon A 0

22nd October 2016 :: Cambs FA County League MPG 3A

A very disappointing day today for the Eaton Socon lads. Eaton Socon started from minute one with 90 % of the possession but just couldn't find the target. To many shots from long range and not the football the lads are capable of. After 20 minutes Damian chamberlain was tackled and came off with a swollen ankle due to a late foot and a terrible condition pitch. He was taken to A&E and found to have ligament damage. At the 35 minute mark after a rapid run down the left side and a sloppy push over tackle against Julian Sablowski took a slide onto a sunken brick in the ground and consequently removed all the layers of flesh on the knee close to the bone. An ambulance was called and was moved off to Hinchingbrook hospital where he has been admitted overnight to sterilise and a surgeon review on Sunday.

The game in the second half really didn't start for Eaton Socon as the first half events of loosing two players left the side somewhat broken. They did battle on again with most of the play and after a sloppy defensive corner error went 1-0 down. They battled back into the game and play after play couldn't break the Gt Paxton defence of 8 down. A corner taken by Eatons Troy Beavis landed for a flick from the head of Charlie Gough clearly into the Gt Paxton goal only to be kicked out by a defender with his hand on the back of the net, but unfortunately the honesty of Gt Paxton and the non existence of the referees athleticism were not at the same ground today. The goal was disallowed and the game finished 1-0 to Gt Paxton which was not by any way a reflection of the events in the game. 

Our best wishes of a speedy recovery go out to Damian Chamberlain and Julian Sablowski.