Eaton Socon res. 3, Brampton Res 1

21st January 2017 :: Hunts Junior Cup


So after the worry an early pitch inspection the semi final between Eaton ressies and Brampton ressies went ahead. A lot had been made of the game but Sammy approached the game in the same way he does always and that's to win. Eaton started reasonably brightly without creating to much. However the first goal came when Eaton where given a suspect corner and Tommy Hall scored. May have been suspect but Eaton didn't care.  The game got slightly scrappy and some tackles went in but they were not as bad as they seemed but a nervous ref was dishing cards left right and centre. Eaton had another good chance when Baxter broke quickly Stockwell couldn't quite finish but the follow up was brilliant stopped by Brampton centre half. Eaton then lost Adam Westbury to injury which was a big blow but the brilliant Joe Keech stepped in from left back. Brampton hit Eaton after a punch from White fell 25 yards to Bryan Noonan who brilliantly chipped White to level the game. This knocked the stuffing out of Eaton and Brampton took the upper hand playing some great stuff and really troubled Eaton. Then when a pen shout for Brampton was waved away Eaton could count themselves lucky. For Eaton half time was very much needed.

Sammy said the right things and had to change Kirk Kidd due to injury but Joe Keech stepped in again. The second half saw Ward on Eaton and they had some good possession. But again weren't creating to much. Sammy changed things up bringing on himself and sparked Eaton in to life. All three sub's in Grimes and Ward made a difference but it was Brampton who had a great chance with White making a great stop on the line. The game was then pushed in Eaton's favour with the unlucky sending off for goal scorer Noonan. But the clever Argyle chipped in a smart and clever free kick which Ward got on to but it was Ash Howard who smashed the ball home to give Eaton the lead. Eaton kept on asking questions of the Brampton back line and Argyle, Ward, Baxter and Grimes were pushing and it was Grimes who was fouled after a tired tackle. Ward converted and Eaton led 3-1.

In the end Brampton certainly would not look out of place in next league up and certainly asked questions of Eaton in a great game of local football. But its the eagles that march on for the cup final, Sammy proud of whole squad.