Doddington United 1, Eaton Socon A 1

11th February 2017 :: John Ablett Cup

On a very cold day Eaton Socon A team faced a highly regarded Doddington in the John Abblett cup. Eaton Socon set up to start defensively knowing the firepower that Doddington had.

Eaton Socon started the game on the back foot as Doddington's striker where on the attack from the off. The defence of Eaton Socon managed to hold them off and forced a few counter attacks to the Doddington goal but nothing came of their efforts. Doddington played some really tidy football which was cancelled out by a strong Eaton Socon side. Just before half time after several Doddington attacks foiled by an outstanding performance from the Eaton Socon goalkeeper Elliott Canham Doddington took the lead 1-0.

The second half was changed to a more attacking system by the Eaton Socon management. The game was still much the same as the first half where Doddington kept on attacking. After a bench change the attacks where coming more to Eatons favour. Jake Dexter saw a tidy pass into to back of the Doddington net to make it 1-1. The Eaton Socon lads kept strong and again changes were made to the line up. The Doddington strike force didn't give up but the goals did not come due to a strong defence and and even stronger Elliott Canham. The final whistle due close and the score was still 1-1.

Extra time bought more attacks from both teams and neither could find the net. The fitness of Eaton Socon was coming the stronger of the two sides and yet still no goals came. The Eaton lads found full time after extra time with the job of facing penalties.
Eaton chose to go first with James Taylor who drilled his penalty into the back of the net. The keen striker of Doddington stepped up to face Elliott Canham. The confidence of the Eaton goalie was overflowing as the Doddington player struck the ball onto the crossbar. Eaton Socon's Jake Dexter stepped up and placed the ball into the bottom corner. Then came the next Doddington player who drilled the shot beyond the reach of Canham. Next came Charlie Gough who confidently placed into the bottom corner. Doddington sent their next player up who placed the ball on the 12 yards spot then proceeded to hit the post. Eaton Socon's assistant manager Toby McEvoy stepped up to win the game 4-1 on penalties.

The Eaton Socon lads played their hearts out today and showed real team spirit and were in no doubt indebted to their Goalkeeper.