Eaton Socon 1, Hemingfords United 1

25th August 2018 :: Cambs FA County League Kershaw Premier

Eaton's first home match of the season was to be a cliché game of two halves, with Eaton just managing to retain a point. With the IWA Festival of Water being held nearby the weather had got into the spirit by providing a hail storm just before kick-off, and rain during the second half.

Eaton were very much the dominant side for the first 45 minutes, with Joe Keech taking Eaton into the lead approximately 15 minutes into the game.  Eaton continued to challenge but the score remained unchanged at half time, and Eaton went into the break with a 1-0 lead.

In the second half it was to be the outcome of penalty awarded to Hemingfords United that was to prove highly controversial. Hemingfords were convinced they had scored from the penalty and had begun celebrating. However the ball was outside of the net and the referee had not seen it go in. The linesman went to immediately inspect the netting, and upon seeing no faults with it advised the referee who denied Hemingfords a goal. Hemingfords remained the stronger side during the second half, and with and during the last 15 minutes they scored a goal.  Hemingfords continued to challenge, but Eaton hung on and denied them any further goals, and as the full-time whistle blew finished with a point.

Immediately after the final whistle was blown the other linesman went and checked the goal which had caused the earlier controversy, but could not find any faults. However reviewing photos taken during the penalty appear to indicate the ball did enter the goal before somehow appearing at the side of the goal a second later. Eaton will need to up their game and play well for the full 90 minutes when they take on Brampton this coming Tuesday.