Guyhirn 3, Eaton Socon A 6

19th October 2019 :: John Ablett Cup

Following last weeks success, Eaton came out quick and took control of the game early on. The magician Dexter was pulling tricks from no where and the defender didn’t know where to turn and nor did Damien chamberlain when Dexter unearthed a shot from the left which hit Damien right in the solar plexus even though he was laying down. The deadlock was broken from a corner which wasn’t cleared properly from the keeper and Sam Drew volleyed the ball nicely into the back of the net. The second goal came 10 minutes before half time with a deep cross from the left which left the keeper and defender fumbling in the six yard box, and up stepped Sam drew for number 2 in the match.
Half time 2-0 and Eaton we’re cruising! But with a crazy 15 minutes Eaton found themselves 3-2 down! The first came from not clearing the lines, 2nd was a fantastic toe poke chip which left Kyran watching the ball go over his head and the third came from a corner which was again failed to be cleared. Eaton got back to basics and started playing football and good pressure from the top two caused a freaky block shot from Sam Ward looping over the keeper and back in the goal. 3-3 game on! Eaton maintained pressure, and gained a corner, swung in from Dexter which dropped to Harry who dispatched nicely. As the game opened up Guyhirns right back became more desperate and received a second yellow reducing them down to ten. The best goal came from some nice work from damo who picked out Dexter on the far side who volleyed home. The cherry on the cake came when a Guyhirn defender got confused with what game he was playing and pulled down damo in the box with a tackle that the England rugby team would be proud of. Up steps Sam drew looking for his hat trick and placed the ball nicely into the bottom left corner. On to the next round we go!

MOM: Tubby

Well played to all involved.

Next week Eaton A team are away to cottenham reserves