Eaton Socon 8, Fulbourn Institute 1

21st August 2021 :: Cambs FA County League Kershaw Premier

The day started off in an extremely positive manner for the Eagles. Gifs, a superb warm up and a team night out ahead, surely nothing could spoil the day?

First things first, we will try our best to not mention a penalty that’s just been spotted flying over Wyboston Lakes, but we are being fed live updates of its whereabouts.

Eatons game plan to pin back the opposition got off to a terrific start, with 2 well taken finishes from Mr.Alderson.

However, a resurgence from the spirited Fulbourne team saw a brief spell of dominance saw them pull the game back to 2-1 after Eaton failed to clear their lines and LB Tom Baxter was spun, leading to a dinked cross which everyone waved at whilst their forward headed home from 2 yards.


After a few choice words and dummy’s spat out, Eaton players remembered to start marking players rather than thin air and order was soon restored. Superb quality and match awareness saw Dom Mason score 2 wonderfully struck finishes and Rhys followed up for his first of the day 5 minutes before half time.

5-1 HT

The 2nd half saw a good 30 minute spell where Eaton controlled the game and any threat they had was nullified
by our outstanding midfield trio.


5 turned to 8 within a 5 minute period as Rhys added a double with 2 well taken finishes with Tom Roberts nodding him his first goal ever it seems in any form of football.

Then to the fun part. Eaton were awarded a penalty with the man in form Rhys stepping up hoping to make it 8 in 4, but as per the live updates, the ball just kept going higher and higher and higher. It’s now been spotted closer to London.

Great win, superb performances all round and a great togetherness about the group.

MOTM Woodend.