News | Eaton Socon pitch upgrade plans approved

Pitch upgrade plans

Eaton Socon FC are delighted to announce that their plans to upgrade the football ground have now been approved by the council. This will allow us to make the necessary changes that are required in order to play at the next level of non-league football. Our current pitch is without floodlights and is unfortunately a few metres too short of the minimum length required for playing Level 6.

After exploring a couple different options and listening to feedback from the council and local community we decided the best way forward was for a small extension of 6m metres to the east of our existing lease. This will enable us to rotate the pitch, and for it to be long enough to meet the required minimum pitch length for level 6 football. It will also move the pitch further away from the residential houses. We will also be installing netting behind each of the goals in an effort to reduce the number of footballs going outside our ground.

Responding to the news Chairman Nev Cooper said: “This is excellent news for both the football club and the community. The upgrade will enable us the possibility to play at the next level of non-league football. I’m delighted that the council have approved our plans, and I’d like to thank everyone that has supported us in getting this far.”

Joint first team Managers Mark and Craig were delighted with the outcome. “It’s a really exciting time for the club and everyone that uses it. A massive well done to those involved over the last 4 years that have contributed to today’s outcome” Said the duo.

We’ll be publishing further updates about the upgrade and its progress in the coming months.

Pitch upgrade plans

Published: 25-08-2020 4:50pm